Notes from the “do this” directives by Derek Silvers

Compressing wisdom into directives — (“Do this.”) — is so valuable, but so rarely done. It feels arrogant and imperial to tell people what to do. Who am I to order people around? On the other hand, who am I not to? It’s useful to people, so do it.

Derek Silvers

1. How to be useful to others

2. Start Now. No Funding Needed.

3. Say yes to everything.

Meet everyone.

Pursue every opportunity.

Nothing is too small. Do it all.

Like lottery tickets, you never know which one will win. So the more, the better.

Follow-up and keep in touch with everyone.

4. Learn the multiplying skills.

Speaking, writing, psychology, design, conversation, 2nd language, persuasion, programming, meditation/focus.

Not pursued on their own, they’re skills that multiply the success of your main pursuit.

(A pilot who’s also a great writer and public speaker.)

(A chef with a mastery of psychology, persuasion, and design.)

These skills multiply the results of your efforts, and give you an edge over others in your field.

5. Be the owner, not just inventor.

It’s tempting to try to be the ideas person, having someone else do the dirty work of making those ideas happen.

Ideas don’t make you rich. Great execution of ideas does.

A rule of capitalism: whoever takes the most financial risk gets the rewards.

The biggest rewards will always go to those that fund it and own it.

6. Prepare for the worst.

Since you have no idea what the future may bring, be open to the best and the worst.

But the best case scenario doesn’t need your preparation or your attention.

So mentally and financially prepare for the worst case, instead.

Like insurance, don’t obsess on it. Just prepare, then carry on appreciating the good times.

8. Choose the plan with the most options.

The best plan is the one that lets you change your plans.

(Example: renting a house is buying the option to move at any time without losing money in a changing market.)

9. Change yes to “Hell yeah!” or no.

Once successful, you need to switch strategies.

To get successful, you had to say yes to everything.

Now if you continue doing that, you’ll drown in all the opportunities.

Now say no to anything that makes you say anything less than “Hell yeah!