Before You Plan Your Next Move, Check These 4 Simple Things First

white and black truck near mountain at daytime
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I recently did a cross-country move. It has been a painful experience and after a month, I’m still waiting for the delivery. 

I’m writing up my key observations as a reminder to self and others to avoid going through the same pain.

  1. Ask them if they are a broker. If they are broker, they have no trucks or movers, they will sell you the package and hand it over to a moving company. Now, you’re dealing with two different companies with different incentives. Don’t do it. Hang up, and talk to the moving company directly.
  2. If they are a moving company, check if they are an accredited BBB member. Check filed complaints, reviews, particularly check the five-star reviews because often they could be fake by staff or company itself. Ask what’s the estimated delivery dates in the worst-case scenario, best-case scenario, and the most likely scenario.
  3. Check Google Maps, Yelp. The same thing, read the reviews thoroughly, and make the decision if you want to work with them. Keep in mind, these reviews are not verified and most of the 5-star reviews could be fake by employees or paid by the company. Look for reviews that are marked as “helpful.”
  4. I learned the hard way and based on experience avoid these companies: Van Razor Lines (broker), Trig Moving Company (worst customer service, unethical business practices), (the aggregator of all bad moving companies).

If you want to help, share it with your friends, colleagues, and family. Write a review on Google Maps or Yelp to fight the fake 5-star reviews. Van Razor Line, Trig Moving Company don’t deserve to exist.

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